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Denmark ETIAS - Denmark visa waiver

The EU will introduce a new pre-trip authorization system, much like the one the United States, Australia and Canada already have.This means that if you want to visit a European Union country, including Denmark, and you are not a European passport holder yourself, you may need to obtain an authorization to arrive in Europe before your trip.The new system, which will not be officially in place until the beginning of 2020, is called the European Union Travel Information Clearance System.It's a bit of a mouthful, but will be known by its acronym, ETIAS.It's not really a full visa like the one many visitors to Europe need before coming here, but rather a visa waiver.The purpose of implementing such a system is to help EU Member States to more effectively control who is allowed to enter the EU.

Is Denmark part of the Schengen bloc?

Yes, it is with almost every other country in the EU.Some have not joined Schengen, like Great Britain, mainly because they want to have more of a say in who will enter their country, but some who are not in Schengen will be soon.Schengen only deals with entry arrangements and immigration, while the EU is much more like trade agreements.Basically, if you are a citizen of Schengen, you have free movement in all other Schengen countries.In addition, if you obtain a Schengen visa, because you do not hold a European passport, you will be allowed to enter another Schengen country for a maximum stay of 90 days.

Is Denmark worth the trip?

Denmark receives many visitors from the rest of Europe, but does not receive many tourists from outside Europe.Perhaps there is a feeling that there are more interesting places to see elsewhere.If you have the time, Denmark has a lot of interest, actually.It even has a lot of beaches, although the weather makes them less attractive, except on sunny days in the middle of summer than those further south on the Mediterranean coast.The main attraction of Denmark is that it is a modern, safe and clean country with attractive villages and buildings as well as more than 400 islands.If you find yourself in Denmark and you manage to walk outside the Danish capital of Copenhagen, you will probably spend a lot of time jumping from one island to another on Denmark's excellent ferry network. .

Do I need a Denmark ETIAS visa waiver?

Currently, the ETIAS pre-trip authorization system has not been deployed yet.It has just been confirmed that it will probably be introduced at the beginning or beginning of 2020. If you hold a passport from the EU and not from Norway or from one or two other Member States of the Schengen area You might need an ETIAS dan to hold one of 60 different and different passports belonging to countries whose citizens have not needed to worry about visas to date.

For example, if you are American, Canadian, Japanese, Australian or Singaporean, to name a few countries, you will probably need an ETIAS in the future.Keep an eye on what happens if you plan a trip to Denmark or elsewhere in Europe in a few years.Your travel agent and your airline website will know when the rules change or you can check our