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Italy ETIAS - Visa exemption for Italy

At the time of the British referendum on Brexit, the European Commission was trying to find ways to strengthen the security of EU member states. They have been encumbered by a series of disastrous threats and terrorist attacks that have damaged the lives of some EU citizens. This is where Italy suggested ETIAS, or a European visa waiver for Italy, started discussions.

What are the expected changes?

Currently, citizens of a large number of third countries are not required to obtain a visa to enter the Schengen area. ETIAS Italy is designed for nationals of what the EU calls third countries. Right now border officials do not know anything about these people before they get to the border. The proposal from Italy etias would ensure that the visitor from a third country registers information about his online visit before arriving at the border of the EU country.

The European Commission says it will give border guards more confidence when they see these visitors at their borders. Another reason would be to assist law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime and terrorism. This could mean that whenever you want to visit Europe, you may need to go online and ask for ETIAS Italy.

Which other countries operate a similar control system?

The best known is USA ESTA. The electronic travel authorization system attracts a fee of $ 14 and requires a fairly detailed request to be completed. If successful, the ESTA remains up to date for 2 years. Similar to Italy etias proposed, but visitors are still imprinted and photographed at the border. ESTA was launched following the attacks of September 11, about fifteen years ago.

One of the differences between the ETIAS Italy visa exemption and the ESTA is that the new European version is likely to affect many more countries and people than ESTA. In addition, there will be a database filled with traveler information that has never existed before.

This summer, Canada has put in place a similar online system, which has not been as simple as expected and will only become mandatory on September 29th. Turkey has also introduced mandatory online visas.

As far as Great Britain is concerned, it has already received a special status as a non-Schengen country because of its membership of the EU. But with its exit from Europe and its lack of Schengen membership, its citizens could be subject to ETIAS Italy unless the negotiations with the European Commission consider a special status British citizens or if the British must to be considered outsiders. another non-EU nation.

Favorable financial gains are likely for EU countries when ETIAS Italy moves forward and generates revenues that are likely to be what the United States collects. Estimates show gains of several billion that will boost the EU budget over time. It seems that, beyond the need to strengthen security at European borders, the financial incentive to raise revenue from those wishing to visit Europe is also promising.

The EU could benefit from its revenue-raising efforts, but will Italy and other favorite holiday destinations lose tourists because of the crackdown? Many choose safe and easy-to-travel holiday destinations, but with the possibility of a visa waiver in Italy, tourists who visit regularly or wish to visit these destinations can simply change their minds and opt for less cumbersome destinations. . Among the countries likely to be affected by these changes are Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain, which received preferential treatment as a member of the EU itself. he is not a member of Schengen.

Whatever the outcome of these changes, it is likely that EU citizens will feel safer knowing that visitors are being checked before entering their country. However, people who have invested in holiday homes in Europe may be worried if, for one reason or another, they do not benefit from a visa waiver in Italy and can not spend their holidays in Italy. been in their investment. Others may have parents they visit regularly and never need to plan their visit, but jump on a plane and go.