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Ireland ETIAS - Visa waiver for Ireland

The proposed ETIAS system will probably apply only to Schengen countries. It will therefore not apply to Ireland unless Ireland joins Schengen before ETIAS (which means the Travel Information Authorization System) is officially deployed at the beginning of 2020., but essentially Ireland controls who enters the country who is not a citizen of the EU, but there is freedom of movement for all EU citizens between Ireland and other EU countries. All details of ETIAS have not been finalized yet, so the situation could change by 2020. Note that the information here is only for the Republic of Ireland, not for Northern Ireland, which is part of from Great Britain.

Is Ireland part of Schengen or the EU?

The Republic of Ireland, also called Eire, is not part of the Schengen zone, but is part of the EU. In fact, Ireland is only one of the few EU countries that has not joined Schengen. This makes it a bit confusing for many people, many Europeans included! The Schengen Agreement is designed to provide uniform border rules for all countries in the zone. Once you have been allowed to enter a Schengen country, you can travel to any of the other countries, provided you do not exceed the maximum stay of 90 days in the whole area.

The main reason why some countries have not or have not yet joined Schengen is that they want to control in their own way the immigration status of non-European citizens rather than having the same rules as the rest of the world. 'Europe.

What are the main attractions of Ireland?

They are many and varied! Ireland, especially the south is a very popular attraction. For many North Americans, Australians and New Zealanders, it's a chance to find their roots. For every visitor, there is something for everyone on Emerald Isle, from kissing Blarney Stone, to dining Murphy or Guinness in a traditional Irish pub to visiting the beautiful Irish countryside and the coast.

It may surprise the average visitor how Ireland is deserted. This is what makes a trip to the country so rewarding. The complex and sometimes troubling past of Ireland is omnipresent for the budding historian. Major attractions include the Cliffs of Moher, County Donegal with its jagged coastline and quaint villages and Kilkenny, the former capital just off Dublin.

I am a little confused! will I need an ETIAS Ireland visa waiver?

If you have a passport from one of the EU countries, the answer is no. If you do not hold an EU passport, it seems unlikely that you will need it either, but it could be premature. Ireland could decide to join Schengen or decide to use the ETIAS system after considering the possible benefits of prior checking of visitors.

If you have been to Ireland before you remember what you had to do or not do before you arrived in the country. Some people may need to obtain an Irish visa in advance and if this applies to you, it is unlikely to change. If you can come to Ireland right now and get your passport, chances are it will continue. Keep an eye on the rules as 2020 approaches! Also, do not hesitate to take the