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Monaco ETIAS - European visa waiver for Monaco

Considering that the Monegasque governments have very close relations with France, it is likely that Monaco will rely on everything the French do in terms of visas and immigration rules regarding the implementation of the European information system and travel authorization (ETIAS). ETIAS is part of a set of changes made by the European Union to help improve security in Europe that has suffered from terrorist attacks and a growing sense that the EU needs a more restrictive system to allow non-EU visitors to enter the country. ETIAS will be similar in many respects to the US ESTA and the Canadian eTA, both of which are visa-free systems that rely on an online authorization that visitors from selected countries must apply for. advanced.

How does Monaco fit into the Schengen bloc?

Monaco is a very small independent country located on the Mediterranean coast and surrounded by French territory. In a way, this is unusual because Monaco does not officially belong to either the European Union or the European Economic Area, which makes it different from some other non-European European countries like Norway and Liechtenstein. Because Monaco is so small, but relatively rich, it relies on its close relations with France to take care of its international relations. He is considered an associate member of Schengen, because of his link with France, which means that as soon as ETIAS enters into force in early 2020, Monaco will be covered by the same arrangement.

What are the main attractions of Monaco?

The fact that Monaco is so unusual makes it a destination in its own right. It remains the second smallest independent state in Europe, the Vatican being the smallest. It has its own monarchy and government and is divided into four districts. Monte Carlo is probably the best known but is not really the capital. The whole of Monaco is less than 2 square kilometers, so do not take too long to get around and see some of the main sights. These include the waterfront where you can get a seagull view of the superyachts belonging to the rich and powerful moored there. There are museums, palaces, churches, art galleries and other architectural attractions scattered throughout the Principality with some beautiful gardens.

How will I request a Monaco ETIAS?

You do not need to apply for prior ETIAS travel authorization unless you are a citizen of a special visa waiver country list. If you hold an EU or Schengen passport, you will not need to apply for ETIAS, as your freedom to go anywhere at any time in the EU (and Monaco included) will not change .

If you had to get a visa to visit Europe so far, you will still need to apply for a Schengen visa even when ETIAS will come into effect, although the number of countries eligible for the visa waiver eligible for ETIAS may continue to increase in the near future.