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Netherlands ETIAS - European visa waiver for the Netherlands

The EU has announced that the visa waiver program ETIAS (abbreviation of EU Travel Information Clearance System) will start in early 2020. It's been a few years so if you do not need to visa to go to the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe so far, you will not need it until 2020. ETIAS is introduced to improve the level of security in Europe, which has been devastated by the increase in terrorist attacks and the high number of refugees. Many EU Member States have been concerned that immigration rules between European countries have been too lax and easily exploitable by criminals for criminals and other visitors considered security threats. The ETIAS system is similar to a visa-free system currently in use in the United States. When the Dutch ETIAS is operational, it will cost only € 5 per applicant and per travel authorization and will last 5 years before a candidate has to apply form.

Netherlands, EU and Schengen

The Netherlands was one of the founding members of the European Union. In the beginning, the EU was called the "common market" and aimed to boost the economies of member countries by minimizing trade barriers. The European Union, which has been enlarged, now has 28 very different states and the influence of the EU government on these states is much more diverse than at the beginning. Most EU countries, including the Netherlands, belong to the Schengen group, which is only indirectly linked to the EU. All Schengen nationals can travel freely in the Schengen area but holders of a non-EU and non-Schengen Visa Schengen passport) or get their passport stamped upon arrival.

Tulips and windmills - Travel to the Netherlands

The Netherlands remains a popular country to visit although they are very flat for the most part and very populated. Most visitors to the Netherlands tend to think of these iconic images of the country, tulips, windmills and canals of Amsterdam.

If you want to see tulips, many of which grow in parts of the Netherlands, you have to go at the right time of the year because they are harvested soon after flowering. Most of the tulip fields are in the north of the country, where there are also incredible areas of reclaimed land. These are called "poulders" and are dotted with villages.

Although there are not as many windmills as before, there are still many, although they tend to be historical remains rather than having any functional value today. . Go to Schiedam to see the biggest windmills in the world and Kinderdijk, with 19 well-preserved windmills.

Should I ask for an ETIAS in the Netherlands ?

Not yet because the ETIAS system will take more than three years to set up. This is because there are so many different members of the EU and each of them will have to have the technology to deal with the ETIAS eligibility verification. Once the system is officially launched, you will only need to apply for a Dutch ETIAS if you are neither an EU national nor a Schengen national and you do not need a visa for Europe for the EU. moment. There are about 60 countries scattered around the world whose citizens will have to ask for ETIAS authorization in advance.